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Between this and seeing Darren Dreger telling Allan Walsh to have a glass of wine, chill, and stop being so overdramatic about the lockout the other night, I’m just…what the hell, people. Seriously.

What got me the most riled up about McKenzie though was the fact that he had said just minutes before that we as fans could literally do nothing but sit around and wait. But then he gets all pissy about the fact that what he said bothers people. Dude, you are saying this stuff in a public forum, expect people to disagree or get offended!

  1. fiveminutemajor said: Yep. Basically. If you can’t handle the potential of people getting critical, or not agreeing, don’t open your mouth, virtual or otherwise. It’s not that hard.
  2. thebergeronprocess said: OMG I AGREE ABOUT DARREN DREGER! Like homie you are not invited to negotiations, nor is Walsh, but at least he is making people aware of Important Things!
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Still blocked by Bob McKenzie on twitter.

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